Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a Sickness!

Ok, so I don't just mean my obsessive need to make things... this week Robert and I have been a little under the weather :( He is feeling better, I am still trying to catch up! But good news, my knitting machine arrived! as well as a swap from awesome Etsian Sheknitigans, some lovely handspun and some hand dyed roving. Been busy getting together the sock and lace club shipments, and working on the sock club pattern-- hint, hint members, it is performance themed!
Also made way on my Cashmere Cami and Swallowtail, trying to get some things actually finished! Jaimee and Ron were down visting from NYC this weekend, as always so great to see them, and Karen and I have been hashing over the new lace pattern that is on it's way... wait till you see it, stunning! All in all a heavy work week, but hopefully full of progress! By the way, check out the sale on Handspun in my shop!

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