Friday, July 24, 2009

1001 Hearts! Katrina Love :)

Wow! Today the incredible has happened! The Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan, which made its debut in May 2009, hit 1001 Ravelry Hearts this morning... I never would have guessed that so many people would show love for this pattern, which started out as a little Christmas gift to make my sister happy :) So many people have contributed to this patterns success, not the least of which was our great group of test knitters, as well as the great advertising opportunities that Ravelry offers its yarnies. 26 people have entered this project on Ravelry as of today, and it in is 333 queues. I just want to thank the knitters who have made this day so great for me!

We also have a SHOP UPDATE today, beautiful new Mystery Dyer Silks are in, and ooh-lala, you have to see and ogle these lovelies... sigh, I wish they were all for me! One is an especially lovely speckled lavender silk, be still my heart!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summertime, Summertime!

So much going on this summer! My cousin's wedding is fast approaching, we are trying to get Robert out of the city for another day trip to the shore before I am too preggers to travel much, and work with the shop is really keeping me busy. For fans of Karen Walker, there is a new shawl pattern coming out that you will adore, and I myself have several patterns in the works, a new cashmere sweater pattern for the fall that is super fun! Our Mystery dyer is hard at work creating new yarns for No Two Snowflakes, more silks to come very soon, yum, I kept a skein of Simply Stunning to make a Flared Lace Smoke Ring. I also just cast on for a #24 Ruffled Cardigan from Vogue Knitting Summer 2009, knit in the 100% Silk Hipknits Silk Aran-- Loving the yarn so far!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So many knitted gifts, so little time! My cousin had me design a pillow for her wedding, which I knit up in Plymouth's Mulberry Merino, a truly lovely yarn with great shine. I am using some Extra SuperFine Merino to make new baby Brennan (my cousin's little boy) a welcome home hat, and I just finished a hat for our new baby-to-be :)If I can get the design out for Brennan's hat I may release it as FREE Ravelry download, I have been wanting to do a free design for some time now! It will be great to add to my other patterns on Etsy and Ravelry... my goal is to have 10 patterns on my designer page by the time the baby is born.
The image above is one of the new Mystery Dyer silks from the shop, if these don't sell very soon, they are going to be mine, all mine as a gift to myself!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Laziest Blogger is Back

Well, I'm finally back to blogging! Life has been so crazy here that I have had very little chance to write at all, but I'm ready to pick up again :)

The shop has some very exciting news-- this summer while I'm pregnant, we have hired a Mystery Dyer to take over the yarn dyeing, since I am unable to work with the chemical dyes. So far our Mystery Dyer has given us two installments of yarn, all of which are stunning! So far there have been a great variety of lace yarns for summer knitting: 100% Cashmere, 100% Silk, 100% Superfine Merino, Merino/Angora, Merino/Cashmere/Silk, Wool/Silk, and some really cool Cashmere/Silk. We also have released a bunch of new patterns with in the last month, Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan, Susie Sells Seashells, Charlotte Luxury Cowl, and Skater's Waltz Lace Ankle Sock, all of which are great to knit for warmer weather!

In other news, I am due in October, and am trying to get as very much knitting done while I still can, and before running herd on two baby boys takes over all my free time... I am working on my cousin's wedding pillow, a Louisa Lace Tunic, some Spirogyra Handspun Hand Warmers,
and a pair of gorgeous Rivendell socks, knit in Ocean Dreams, a No Two Snowflakes yarn. I also have an Aeolian in the works and have been trying to spin more... I made some really lovely yarn from some Twisted Fiber Arts roving in Netherfield.

This week I was finally able to get Robert out of the city for a day trip to the beach and Barnegat Light, he has been cooped up too long with me pregnant and not feeling so great. He had a fantastic time with his Babci (my mom) and his Pop Pop Pop, and had to be dragged out of the ocean!