Monday, September 15, 2008

Light Dusting Lace Club is back!

So, we are ready for round two of the lace club! I have changed the format a little so that members get enough lace in their mailing one month to do a larger project, but the club members still get (4) 100 gram skeins of lace over the course of the mailings, as well as the newest NTS lace scarf pattern! I hope to see some of our old members for round two, as well as some new faces :) Also, to read about some of our members' club experiences, check out our Ravelry Group!

It's been a crazy week! Expect to see a new sock pattern by Rheba Smith, a new Lace Wrap pattern by Karen Walker of Heirloom Lace, and possible a little surprise pattern from me... also, new merino and silk lace will become available this week, some new handspun (look for the hand dyed silk) and some more luxury alpaca sock-- plenty of great fiber for Christmas gifts!

Robert and I spent Sunday with his PopPopPop, shopping for birthday clothes and hanging out at the playground- Robert is walking up a storm, and today is 11 months for him... getting closer to the big day, and I need to go make invitations!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Falling In

Ok, autumn is getting underway and things are definitely getting hectic :) Ballet starts next week and I will be teaching Arabian, Marzipan, and Dolls, as well as Ballet, Jazz, Character, and a Lyrical Comp. class. I can't wait until Robert is old enough to dance! He will instead be taking Gymboree class soon, as (despite his generally lovely disposition) I think we need to make some progress in the "plays well with others" areas-- he has a little bit of only-child-itis! Bobby is back in school and taking Anatomy I, and I am working on the shop, at dancing, and at Petulia's Folly... Also, Mr. Robert will be having a first birthday soon, and will be having a picnic party at Rittenhouse Park!
I love this time of year, the change, the start of all new dances and all new projects! I find it so invigorating! I started my MS4 (wow, beading is SUCH a pain) and am working on the sleeves of Robert's B-day sweater, finishing my cashmere cami for work, and I am VERY eager to begin my Twinkle sweater... New in the shop this week, hand dyed superwash merino wool roving and some alpaca sock yarn, more silk lace to come :)
Next week-- lace club spots are going to open up! I am considering a new format for the lace club, we'll see how it goes? Also, I am going to open it to more people due to the large response I have had since opening this club :) Thanks so much to everyone in the present club, it has been really fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Up to my elbows-- again!

Wow, did a ton of dyeing today, silk and roving for the shop, some secret goodies for my Amazing Lace Swap partner, a bit of sock yarn, lace for the club, and some YUMMY wool/silk for Karen's newest pattern-- keep your eyes peeled for a winter-themed beauty! Bowed to the inevitable evil and FINALLY ordered wool for my winter cardigan, some Twinkle in butternut from Fabulous Yarn, I just can't WAIT to make the convertible cardigan from KnitKnit, which Bobby got for me yesterday. Also, battled the evil swallowtail and won-- reknit 4 rows of dropped stitches into nupps- haha! Overall a really great day, Bobby and I took Robert to the park and Old City, where I hit Vagabond to see the Stellapop knits, the Clay studio (some GORGEOUS new bowls by Hide Sadahora), the lovely new salon Moko for some incredible soap! Robert was an angel, as usual :) He got his back-to-school haircut and looks more like a real boy every day!Been organizing my glass supplies for the upcoming holiday orders and getting ready to order all my color-- yeah!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MS4 Choices

Finally chose my MS4 supplies-- a No Two Snowflakes hand dyed cash/silk, and Czech crystal beads-- yum!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Just wanted to say how appreciative of all the peeps who have supported me since this business started-- I really couldn't ask for nicer new friends and customers, the lace club has been a ton of fun! Also I have really been enjoying Ravelry and how wonderful everyone there is, talk about the most amazing resource ever :)

So, what's on the needles? Hundreds of things! Still battling the nupps of the Swallowtail, cast on a hoodie for Robert, still working on his b-day sweater, my Cashmere Cami is almost finished, working on my handspun Fall Signature Scarf, about to start MS4, the Red Running Robert Socks and new Jojoland Socks- Phwew!

Loving my new job at Petulia's Folly, the Phillip Lim, Nicholas K, and Clu clothing is to DIE for! Working on getting the knitting machine up and running and starting the glassblowing Christmas orders... Brand new shop Hissyfits, run by Kevin and Erica Maher in Jenkintown, will have some handblown glass ornaments this year, as well as other No Two Snowflakes gifts... keep an eye out for some new and exciting jewelry designs!