Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gallery of the Beautifully Twisted!

Finally, here's a look at some of the stunning spins to come out of the CTA SAL!

By: Kippian, Between Worlds 50/50 Sw Merino/Silk N-plied, 300 yds.
By: Micaminx, Stagelit 50/50, 2 ply 454 yds
By: Limejuicy, Stagelit 50/50 2 ply, 234 yds, and 29 yds
By: Stargrrl, Between Worlds 50/50, Single ply 432 yds
By KaliedoscopeKim, 4 oz of Stagelit BFL, 2 oz. of Stagelit 50/50, 3 ply 345 yds
By Elisares: Stagelit BFL,N ply (one of her first-- awesome spinning!)

By Kippian: Stagelit 50/50, 2 ply 166 yds.
                                   By Hulsberg: Stagelit 50/50 3 ply 300 yds, 2 ply 120 yds

coming up next we will have the story of Stargrrl's winning photo, and pics of SAL FO's!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Where to start?

Wow, what a summer it's been!  Lots of changes, some good, some a little crazy... but I'm back this Fall and ready to embark on some new artistic adventures!
   Light Dusting Lace is finished for the summer-- it was so great to feature the talents of Karen Walker, and we were very grateful to Knitcircus for being our mystery sponsor for  Month 2.  The three club shipments this round were 100% Mulberry Silk, 100% Merino, and 50/50 Merino/Cashmere or 50/50 Wool/Silk-- I hope everyone enjoyed them :)
  We've been working with Knitcircus summer to bring you a few new patterns and we were thrilled to present the Acuminate pattern in the Fall 2010 issue, which went live in August.  Gifts is up now, and two of the NTS yarns, Perfection Sport and Mulberry Silk Lace, were reviewed.  But by far the most exciting is the debut of my "Choose it and Use It" article series-- the first installment focused on choosing and using sweater yarns, and the next installment will be in Knitcircus Winter 2010, as well as a new pattern.  How cool is that?
  Lots and lots of patterns in the works... we just released Karen Walker's Love in Bloom, amazingly awesome knitter Puffycats is behind the scenes testing our Mystery KAL.  I will be looking for new testers for the Honey Hunting Cardigan as well- if you are interested, please drop me a line... Plus, a simple cabled lace stole, fair isle mittens, and double stranded shawl are on their way to release!
  NTS has been carrying a variety of spinning fiber this summer, and I've been spinning up a storm this week-- loving the 50/50 Merino/Silk blend with a passion.  NTS was lucky enough to be able to lost the Aug/Sept SAL for the CTA spinners on Ravelry--  check back here  for a gallery of handspun by these talented spinners!
   On the personal knitting front, lots going on-- Still Light in Tosh Merino Light Silver Fox, Colannade in Claudia's Jumbo Loop Boucle, a new top down shrug in Merino Light Ivy and Mansfield Garden Party, a Baltic Blossoms in NTS Tussah Silk Lace Light Fingering, Caed's birthday sweater in Claudia's and Dye My Darling  sock yarns, and my queue goes on an on... and on...

  Robert started school recently, so I will have time to write more often.  Can you believe it?  It's hard to believe he's almost three, and Caed's first birthday is fast approaching.  I was also so excited to get back to ballet-- I missed my students big time!

  We also spent the weekend  of the 18th participating in World Wide Spin in Public day-- thanks to all those who came by Franklin Square to spin (and knit) and be seen! 

Completely Twisted!

  Earlier this summer, I joined a great Rav group, the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinners Group.  Besides their wicked enabling skillz, these ladies can also spin some crazy nice yarn, and have fiber stashes to make you drool!  One of the most fun parts of the summer was that NoTwoSnowflakes hosted the August-September CTA Spin-a-long... a sort of group project where we all spin colorways from a specific dyer that have been created for the group.  Over the next few days,  I'm going to be explaining how we chose the colors and highlighting some amazing spins that came out of the SAL, and we will have some written contributions from the colorway winners as well :)   The pics you see here are of our two colorways, "Between Worlds" and "Stagelit", both on the luxurious 50/50 SW Merino/Silk base- yum!