Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gallery of the Beautifully Twisted!

Finally, here's a look at some of the stunning spins to come out of the CTA SAL!

By: Kippian, Between Worlds 50/50 Sw Merino/Silk N-plied, 300 yds.
By: Micaminx, Stagelit 50/50, 2 ply 454 yds
By: Limejuicy, Stagelit 50/50 2 ply, 234 yds, and 29 yds
By: Stargrrl, Between Worlds 50/50, Single ply 432 yds
By KaliedoscopeKim, 4 oz of Stagelit BFL, 2 oz. of Stagelit 50/50, 3 ply 345 yds
By Elisares: Stagelit BFL,N ply (one of her first-- awesome spinning!)

By Kippian: Stagelit 50/50, 2 ply 166 yds.
                                   By Hulsberg: Stagelit 50/50 3 ply 300 yds, 2 ply 120 yds

coming up next we will have the story of Stargrrl's winning photo, and pics of SAL FO's!

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