Friday, October 1, 2010

Completely Twisted!

  Earlier this summer, I joined a great Rav group, the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinners Group.  Besides their wicked enabling skillz, these ladies can also spin some crazy nice yarn, and have fiber stashes to make you drool!  One of the most fun parts of the summer was that NoTwoSnowflakes hosted the August-September CTA Spin-a-long... a sort of group project where we all spin colorways from a specific dyer that have been created for the group.  Over the next few days,  I'm going to be explaining how we chose the colors and highlighting some amazing spins that came out of the SAL, and we will have some written contributions from the colorway winners as well :)   The pics you see here are of our two colorways, "Between Worlds" and "Stagelit", both on the luxurious 50/50 SW Merino/Silk base- yum!

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