Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Special Guest-- StarGrrl's Story

So, so sorry for this delay, I have had Stargrrl's s story and pics for a long time now... Here it is, the love story behind her beautiful shawl, and the first spotlighted FO from our Twisted SAL!

In her own words:
" Once upon a time there was a girl. She had a Granny that she loved dearly.
Granny passed away on Thanksgiving, and the day she passed there was a beautiful 
rainbow in the sky. From that day forward, the girl would see rainbows and think 
that her Granny was smiling down on her.
One day this girl met a boy. She and the boy were friends for 3 years until the 
day when the boy slipped and said “I love you.” 
The girl thought on this slip for a week before the boy showed his face again.
The boy came to her office to tell her his biopsy results had come back as 
He asked the girl to stand up, and she stepped into his arms. 
She felt like she was coming home.
That following Thanksgiving, the boy asked the girl to marry him. He knew that 
Thanksgiving made her sad because she missed her Granny. And he wanted to give 
her a happy memory for the holiday. 
They went to dinner at Shari’s. As they were leaving the restaurant, the boy 
looked up and pointed out a beautiful double rainbow above the restaurant. 
The girl stood there and cried, because she knew it was her Granny blessing her. 

The boy ran to the car, where he knew the girls camera was, and brought it back 
so she could take a picture. 
He then mentioned that she should get a better photo without the restaurant roof 
in the way. 
The girl cried again, because this wonderful boy wanted to chase rainbows with 
She was in love. 3 months later, the girl and boy were getting married in Las Vegas.
Fast forward a few years. The girl finds knitting. She joins a website called 
Over the next two years she learns to crochet and spin too. She joins a group on 
Ravelry called Completely Twisted and Arbitrary, and they have a monthly 
Spin-A-Long. She submitted her story and a photo.
She was picked as one of the 4 finalists. The dyer chose her photo as one of the
 inspiration pieces. She dyed up some beautiful fiber and the girl got 4 braids 
and spun them up. Then she picked a pattern and knit her handspun into a
beautiful shawl.The shawl reminds her of the love of her Granny and the love 
she has with her Husband/soulmate."
Stargrrl, thank you for being my dyeing inspiration, and for sharing!


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