Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Healthy Outlook

Gearing up for summer by "tightening the belt"-- I am back on my sugarplum diet and feeling good.  " What is the Sugarplum diet?" you inquire?  Well, a few years ago I made up this diet to fit into a size 2 ballet costume in 4 months (I was a 6 at the time), but I didn't want to be unhealthy because I also had to dance the Sugarplum Fairy variation, which is physically challenging.
  The diet is extremely simple-- no sugar, no fried food.  And even though the first two weeks are absolute murder, it works amazingly well!  The first time I followed it strictly for 4 months and lost 25 lbs.  The second time I followed it loosely (treats on Sunday), and lost 15 lbs.  The great part is you loose the weight slowly and consistently, so it tends to stay off.  But the very best part is that you feel fantastic and strong.  Already, after following the diet loosely for a month, I have lost 15 lbs and my energy has gone up by about 20%.  And now I'm really cracking down in an effort to feel great this summer-- post-preggers can be hard on your strength and endurance, and I want to be dancing at full speed again come Fall. So-- wish me luck!

On the NTS front, we had a big shop update this week, and we have just one spot left in the lace club! Lots of new silk spinning fiber, some sock yarns, a lace gradient, and more-- check it out here!

I am also really happy to say that I have finally finally finally started on Caeden's First Birthday Sweater-- I was really starting to feel the pinch as he is now 6 months!   I am using Claudia Handpaints in Spring Break and Marigold, and Dye My Darling Before it was Cool Sock in "One Cool Caed", dyed especially for this sweater by my husband :)  I am also knitting Baltic Blossoms in the Tussah Silk lace from NTs for my SIL's wedding shawl, and my goal over the next week or so is to take out my Snow on Leaves Cardi and finish it up-- I need some yardage out for Stashdown, and this is the closest finisher I've got!

Competition is over for DTTM this year, I am so ready for some fresh starts in general-- new diet, new choreography, new projects on the needles, and some new yarns and fibers in the shops super soon-- change feels so good!

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