Monday, April 5, 2010

Hidden Beauty

So, Easter was a big success with the babies! Not only was Robert super excited to egg hunt ( he wasn't very swift, he just ate the chocolate as he found it), but both R and Caeden made it through candy, church and the egg hunt with white pants still intact-- my babies are so good!

Enough parental gushing, let's talk yarn! A beautiful new set of silk lace in the shop that can be used for the Evenstar KAL, check out Sophistication I and II if you get a chance... New spinning fiber is coming to NTS late this Spring, we should have some merino and Merino/Silk in the shop, I am really excited as lately I have been a bit of a yarn pig and need to switch focus to spinning more :)

My Evenstar is not progressing well, as I only knit it when I'm at Nangellini, and I'm trying to release a bunch of patterns soon... Keep your eyes open for a new lace cloche pattern coming in May, "Come Rain or Shine", and I will also be releasing a new Worsted Cardi this summer. I also just finished my #02 Lace jacket, and I don't like the way it fits me, it may go to my poor mom who gets all my knits I don't love. But I am divided and may keep it for summer anyway, because the Jaipur silk used was a gift from my most lovely pen pal Margot in Sweden, and it is one of my all time fave colors-- so beautiful! The image is of it blocking on my boards...

Lately, I've been finding great things in unexpected places-- this silk arrived from Margot unlooked for, I've been finding pattern inspiration everywhere, and an amazing something (secret) fell out of the sky to me the other day... I guess it just goes to show, sometimes the egg really will have something surprising inside!

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