Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fluff Pile

Fluffy stuff everywhere you look!  I have so many projects on the needles, in my head-- my design list is just beyond the pale ridiculous!  Currently well into B's wedding shawl, Caed's sweater is in time out for possible too-smallness, and my summer shawl is progressing nicely.  I used the pattern 198 yds. of Heaven, but I will be doing my own edging.  I also scored some great Madtosh TML in Filigree this week, and some Dreaming in Gujarati from FLUFF.  Not much time to write, lots of work, but here's a pic of my favorite yummy:

2 comments: said...

wow you do sound busy! cant wait to see the projects, and that roving is very pretty (fibre envy) ♥

No Two Snowflakes said...

thanks! it was one of my first fiber-dyes1