Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Up to my elbows-- again!

Wow, did a ton of dyeing today, silk and roving for the shop, some secret goodies for my Amazing Lace Swap partner, a bit of sock yarn, lace for the club, and some YUMMY wool/silk for Karen's newest pattern-- keep your eyes peeled for a winter-themed beauty! Bowed to the inevitable evil and FINALLY ordered wool for my winter cardigan, some Twinkle in butternut from Fabulous Yarn, I just can't WAIT to make the convertible cardigan from KnitKnit, which Bobby got for me yesterday. Also, battled the evil swallowtail and won-- reknit 4 rows of dropped stitches into nupps- haha! Overall a really great day, Bobby and I took Robert to the park and Old City, where I hit Vagabond to see the Stellapop knits, the Clay studio (some GORGEOUS new bowls by Hide Sadahora), the lovely new salon Moko for some incredible soap! Robert was an angel, as usual :) He got his back-to-school haircut and looks more like a real boy every day!Been organizing my glass supplies for the upcoming holiday orders and getting ready to order all my color-- yeah!

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