Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Falling In

Ok, autumn is getting underway and things are definitely getting hectic :) Ballet starts next week and I will be teaching Arabian, Marzipan, and Dolls, as well as Ballet, Jazz, Character, and a Lyrical Comp. class. I can't wait until Robert is old enough to dance! He will instead be taking Gymboree class soon, as (despite his generally lovely disposition) I think we need to make some progress in the "plays well with others" areas-- he has a little bit of only-child-itis! Bobby is back in school and taking Anatomy I, and I am working on the shop, at dancing, and at Petulia's Folly... Also, Mr. Robert will be having a first birthday soon, and will be having a picnic party at Rittenhouse Park!
I love this time of year, the change, the start of all new dances and all new projects! I find it so invigorating! I started my MS4 (wow, beading is SUCH a pain) and am working on the sleeves of Robert's B-day sweater, finishing my cashmere cami for work, and I am VERY eager to begin my Twinkle sweater... New in the shop this week, hand dyed superwash merino wool roving and some alpaca sock yarn, more silk lace to come :)
Next week-- lace club spots are going to open up! I am considering a new format for the lace club, we'll see how it goes? Also, I am going to open it to more people due to the large response I have had since opening this club :) Thanks so much to everyone in the present club, it has been really fun!

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