Monday, September 15, 2008

Light Dusting Lace Club is back!

So, we are ready for round two of the lace club! I have changed the format a little so that members get enough lace in their mailing one month to do a larger project, but the club members still get (4) 100 gram skeins of lace over the course of the mailings, as well as the newest NTS lace scarf pattern! I hope to see some of our old members for round two, as well as some new faces :) Also, to read about some of our members' club experiences, check out our Ravelry Group!

It's been a crazy week! Expect to see a new sock pattern by Rheba Smith, a new Lace Wrap pattern by Karen Walker of Heirloom Lace, and possible a little surprise pattern from me... also, new merino and silk lace will become available this week, some new handspun (look for the hand dyed silk) and some more luxury alpaca sock-- plenty of great fiber for Christmas gifts!

Robert and I spent Sunday with his PopPopPop, shopping for birthday clothes and hanging out at the playground- Robert is walking up a storm, and today is 11 months for him... getting closer to the big day, and I need to go make invitations!

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